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Consultation on Nunawading Police Station Closure

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — My adjournment request is to the Minister for Police. I am very grateful that she is in the chamber as we speak, and I hope to get a positive response to the action I seek, which is for the minister to join me at a public forum in Nunawading with regard to residents who normally have access, and always have, to the Nunawading police station — those in Donvale, Mitcham, Blackburn, Nunawading and Blackburn North — to discuss with them and consult with them on the closure of public access to the Nunawading police station.

Nunawading Police Station Closed – No community consultation

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — In relation to the address‑in‑reply of the now Minister for Police in 2015, she said that the former government had closed police stations and that the former government was in charge of rostering hours at police stations in her community.

Nunawading Police Station - Closed

On 15 April last year, the Police Minister said on behalf of Daniel Andrews and the Labor Government: "This government does not support the forcible closure of police stations against the wishes of local communities.” Daniel Andrews has broken his promise by closing the Nunawading Police Station without any consultation of our local community.

Members Statement - Police Numbers

Ms RYALL (Ringwood) — Daniel Andrews has cut the number of sworn police in Victoria since coming to government. There were 13 151 in November 2014 compared to 13 042 in September 2015. Our population increased by an MCG full of people in that time, so comparatively there has been a significant reduction per capita across Victoria also. During this time Victoria has seen rising crime. We have heard of the enormous challenges of ice to our police resources, tying them up for a huge proportion of their shifts.