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Liberal Nationals pledge to rebuild Norwood Secondary College

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will rebuild Norwood Secondary College, starting with a $15 million commitment to stage-one of a two-stage redevelopment.

A Labor Government has presided over Victoria for 15 of the past 19 years. In that time, Norwood has not received any funding for upgrades to its outdated classrooms and learning spaces.

$72,000 facelift for Nunawading Tennis Club

$72,000 facelift for Nunawading Tennis Club

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will contribute $72,000 to court resurfacing at Nunawading Tennis Club.

Nunawading Tennis Club has been a much-loved part of the local community for more than 50 years. In the beginning, the club hired two courts for play. Today it has a multi-purpose pavilion and seven en-tout-cas courts.

A new-dual purpose netball and cricket club training facility for Norwood

If elected, a Matthew Guy Government will contribute $100,000 towards much-needed cricket and netball training facilities at Norwood Sporting Club.

The Norwood Woodettes Netball Club was founded in 2014 and is now an integral part of the broader Norwood Sporting Club. It is currently the largest represented club in the EFL Netball League with teams in three divisions, and is the reigning Division 2 Premiership team.

$500,000 facility upgrade for our Mitcham Tigers

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will contribute $500,000 to expand the new viewing facility planned for Walker Park. These funds come on top of the $3.45 million contributed by the Federal Liberal Government, the AFL and Whitehorse Council.

Liberals will fix dangerous Maroondah Highway intersection

An elected Liberal Government will upgrade the intersection of Maroondah Highway, Heatherdale Road, and Dampier Grove in Ringwood to improve safety for motorists and pedestrians.

The notorious intersection is well known by locals for its frequent accidents and near misses.

We'll build the East West Link AND the North East Link

Matthew Guy Media Release

A Melbourne ‘Super Highway’

Building an East West Link and a North East Link 


Today I am announcing that a Liberal Nationals Government will build the biggest connected super highway in Australia and get Victoria moving again.

We need to stop playing catch-up and start getting ahead.

Only the Liberal Nationals will build an East West Link and a North East Link.

Only the Liberal Nationals will remove traffic lights and roundabouts through grade separations at 55 of Melbourne and Geelong’s busiest, most congested intersections.

Maroondah Highway - Heatherdale Road - Dampier Gr Intersections

Ms RYALL — The matter I raise is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. The action I seek is for an urgent review of the intersection of Maroondah Highway, Heatherdale Road and Dampier Grove on the border of Mitcham and Ringwood to ensure the following: increased pedestrian crossing time from north to south across Maroondah Highway, as currently there is insufficient time to complete the crossing in the time allowed; red and green turning arrows for cars exiting Heatherdale Road and turning right onto Maroondah Highway; red and green turning arrows for cars exiting Dampier Grove and turning left into Maroondah Highway; and flashing pedestrian warning signs. There also needs to be an opportunity for cars to do a U‑turn on Maroondah Highway between New Street, Ringwood, and the Heatherdale Road and Dampier Grove intersection.

Liberals fund master plan for Norwood Secondary College

Norwood Secondary College turns sixty this year.  The classrooms are old and rundown with its last capital works learning space, a 1970s library.

Under a Liberal Nationals government, Norwood will no longer be the forgotten school. Norwood will receive $50,000 to immediately commission their redevelopment master plan.


Common Sense Road Rules

The Liberal Nationals believe road rules should be based on common sense.

Recently, too many road rules have been designed by bureaucrats. Some of their ideas might be good on paper, but in the real world they create more problems than they fix.

Eastland Police Shopfront

The Liberal Nationals will take a new approach to policing and community engagement.

A Matthew Guy-led government will ensure Victoria’s major shopping centres have a visible police presence to facilitate community engagement and deter crime.

If elected in November, the Liberal Nationals will invest $7.2 million to establish 12 Victoria Police Shopfronts in the largest and busiest shopping and entertainment hubs across Melbourne and Geelong.